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Rolling Security Grilles | Benefits of Rolling Security Grilles

Rolling Security Grilles | Benefits Of Rolling Security Grilles

A rollup security grille is an effective way to protect your business from burglaries and theft. However, their importance is often overlooked. Below are a few benefits that come with rolling security grilles.


Rolling Security Grilles prevent unauthorized access and discourage forced entry at building exterior openings, storefronts or areas within buildings, such as pharmacies or parts counters. Used behind plate glass storefronts, they are deterrent to smash-and-grab crime.


Grilles allow visibility and provide a sleeker aesthetic than solid coiling doors. Curtains are available in either a straight or brick pattern in a variety of finishes. Adding beauty as well as security to the interior or exterior of a building. Rolling security grilles are far less appealing to graffiti artists and, because of their design, they make it difficult for anyone to reach the walls or doors behind the grille, so vandals won’t be able to bypass the grille to cause any damage or defacement to your premises.

Design Flexibility

Our rolling security grilles are built to order to fit your opening size, operation and option preferences. Structural tubular members, factory machined and fitted for grille guides and brackets, attach directly to the slab below and joists above ensuring proper fit and function of the grille unit.

Reduces Insurance Claims

Installing rollup security grilles shows your insurance company that you have gone above and beyond to protect your property. Therefore, your insurance premiums are reduced. Also, you will save money in the long run if you don’t have to make an insurance claim. A claim means that you have been a victim of crime, which means your premiums could become more costly.

Cost Effective

For the ample improvements to security that grilles bring, they are surprisingly cost effective. Grilles are operated manually so there are fewer complex mechanisms that could potentially cause costly breakdowns. They are much less likely to need regular maintenance than other kinds of rollup doors, which leaves you one thing less, to worry about.

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