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Insulated Doors | Why Do I Need Insulation on my Commercial Coiling Door?

Insulated Doors | Why Do I Need Insulation On My Commercial Coiling Door?

Have you been considering the reasons why installing an insulated roll up door? Insulation offers many amazing benefits for commercial coiling doors, beyond just keeping spaces at a stable temperature. Here we look at various benefits of insulation and why is it crucial for commercial doors.

Insulation Helps Maintain Indoor Temperature

Maintaining a stable indoor temperature is one of the most obvious benefits of insulated rollup doors. Many warehouses and commercial applications house temperature sensitive goods and products, so maintaining a stable internal temperature is critical.

Insulated Commercial Doors are Durable

Insulation adds extra strength and durability. Because insulation backs and reinforces the outer panels of a commercial coiling door, it means the door is less likely to be dented and more resistant to impacts.

Insulation Helps Block Noise

Warehouses and commercial properties can be busy and noisy places. You may wish to limit the amount of noise escaping from your commercial property by choosing an insulated roll up door. Insulated doors will better block industrial and warehouse noises, so your adjacent offices stay quiet, or so you make less impact on your neighbors.

Insulation Improves Durability

You would probably be surprised to hear how much abuse commercial coiling doors typically endure, whether from bad weather or even the wear and tear of constant raising and lowering. Projectiles in the wind can also come at your commercial door at any time, causing dents and scratches. Adding insulation provides your door with the thickness and rigidity it will need to withstand specific impacts The more controlled temperatures within your garage can further protect the mechanisms from warping metal components, eroding lubrication and inducing stress on the springs, thus vastly prolonging the lifespan of your insulated commercial rolling door.

To find out more about insulated commercial rolling doors, contact our experts today!

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