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Coiling Doors | What Type of Coiling Door is Right for You?

Coiling Doors | What Type Of Coiling Door Is Right For You?

If you’re in the market for a commercial door, there are some key elements to consider. First, you should ask yourself what is the primary function of the door? Is it for loading equipment in and out of your building? Is it for storing vehicles? Is it merely for handling large groups of people walking in and out? Knowing exactly what you’ll be using your coiling door for will help you determine the type of door you need and what type of features should come with the door.

Doors do more than just allow for a passageway. They aid in ventilation of air, allow for more light to shine through, and provide great protection when not in use. Commercial Coiling doors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and are built from different materials depending on their use. The main types of coiling doors are rolling service doors, fire rated doors, rolling security grilles, side folding gates, counter doors & shutters, and insulated doors. Refer to the description below in order to help you make the best decision for what type of coiling door you need.

Rolling Service Doors

Rolling Service Doors are the most type of coiling doors; they roll up into a single coil when lifted. These doors are almost always motor operated, and comply with building code. Solid slat doors are an economical, yet reliable means of protection against the elements, while providing the utmost in security. This type of coiling door is available in a variety of gauges and finishes, in steel or aluminum. Perfect for loading docks, warehouse facilities, exterior storefront protection and more.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors combine all of the durability and security with the added feature of UL-Fire rated Protection. Ensures that your personnel and property are protected in the event of a fire with heavy-duty, 30/ 60/ 90 minute UL fire and smoke rated closures. Fire door closures can also be equipped to accommodate interaction with existing fire alarms and life detection systems to ensure the utmost in security and safety. Available also as a counter shutter design with a smaller slat profile to accommodate even tight headroom conditions. Flexible enough to be custom built for any type of door scenario, often used in warehouses, mills, distribution centers, and parking garages. This type of coiling door is equipped with auto closing features in the event a fire is detected.

Rolling Security Grilles

Rolling Security Grilles provide excellent means of security and crowd control, allowing visibility and providing a sleeker aesthetic than solid coiling doors. Grilles can be equipped with a variety of different features to accommodate a multitude of applications. Perfect for enclosed retail shopping malls, airports, train stations, behind glass “smash & grab” protection, cafeterias, office lobbies, loading docks and schools.

Side Folding Gates

Side Folding Gates are an excellent means of security and crowd control, allowing visibility for applications that may not be conductive for rolling security grilles. This type of doors can accommodate a multitude of special applications such as sweeping radius curved storefronts, corner locations, and limited headroom conditions. A range of curtain patterns are available, consult the factory for details.

Counter Doors & Shutters

Counter Doors & Shutters are used in both interior and exterior applications. Built to exact opening specifications using compact guides, slats, brackets and hoods. They offer a more streamlined look than traditional rolling doors. Offering a custom appearance (with no exposed edges) and fast installation, slip-in units arrive ready to be set into existing walls Often used in cafeterias, stadiums, arenas, hospitality and educational facilities, public spaces, healthcare offices, and many other applications.

Insulated Doors

Insulated Coiling Doors combine security with the option of insulation and sound control. Perfect for a multitude of retail, commercial, and industrial applications including loading docks, water treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and any project that requires the additional benefit of insulation against both elements of weather and sound. Heavy duty, reliable construction, easily serviced in 24, 22, 20, and 18 gauges. Double skin interlocking roll formed metal slats filled with EPS-expanded polystyrene insulation, 8.0 R-Value.

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