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Folding Scissor Gates

Starting at $250

Folding scissor gates offer sturdy vertical gate rails that mount and pivot the gate completely out of the opening. Gates have universal mounting that lock at the center with the use of a standard type padlock. A cost effective solution for warehouses and storage centers that remain open during the day but require an extra layer of security. Gates can be installed virtually anywhere, including inside or outside door jambs, between posts or bollards, attached to pallet racks, walls and even windows. Installs in less than 30 minutes!

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  • Manufactured for same-day pickup.
  • Constructed entirely of heavy-duty galvanized steel.
  • Low maintenance parts, no flaking paint, no corrosion, no rust.
  • Lock bracket enables any padlock to be used.
  • Extended and Collapsed heights differ – Provide maximum height when ordering to ensure enough room is available under lintel for collapsed height (open position).

  • Meets city visibility code requirement. Due to the perforated curtain these doors don’t qualify for wind, fire, smoke and/or sound rating.

  • The accordion style curtain is constructed of steel rivets connecting the 1.50″ galvanized steel lattice bars.

  • Single Gate: Attachment point on one end of gate secures the 2” mounting pins to door and to sidewall with brackets at any given height.
  • Double Gate: Attachment points on either end with lock bracket at center.

  • A. Gate: Constructed entirely of heavy-duty galvanized steel. Lattice bars each 1.5” galvanized angle. Single gate or double gate curtain allows gate to open at different points. Advantages are low maintenance, no flaking paint, no corrosion and no rust.
  • B. Rivets: Constructed with aircraft quality 1/4” zinc plated rivets.
    Advantages – Will not loosen or separate with prolonged use unlike the competitor’s aluminum pop rivets
  • C. Wheels: Constructed entirely of steel. Advantages – withstands heavy impacts and heavy continuous use unlike the competitors’ plastic wheels.

  • Manually operated – Accordion-style gates separates at center point and collapses in either direction. Ball bearing roller assembly allows gate to easily slide and/or pivot in either direction to clear the opening area.

  • Lock Bracket: Gate secured to adjoining side with a standard type padlock. For single bracket, standard type padlock to be purchased.
  • Locking Rod: Gate secured to door by rod. Hole to be drilled into wall condition to prohibit gate from being pushed/pulled. Locking on rod secures rod in closed position – standard type padlock to be purchased.

  • Not Applicable.

  • 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty extends only to the direct purchaser (distributor, wholesaler, or contractor) from Best Rolling Manufacturer and is not transferable.
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